FAQ Hot Honey Care

How exactly does the system work?

Once the pod has been inserted into the unique cosmetic concentrator, the hairdryer is turned on, the heat activates the pod, and the chosen treatment is also diffused together with the hot air. The treatment penetrates the hair internally giving the desired result, respecting the hair and without modifying its structure in a permanent or semi-permanent way, for example, for permanent straightening treatments.


What results can be obtained using the Elchim hair dryer combined with Hot Honey Care?

Hot Honey Care is a natural cosmetic treatment. The hairdryer alone allows drying and styling, but the Hot Honey Care system transforms the hair according to the desired effect and adds that extra shine that only professional cosmetics can give.


How long does a Hot Honey Care pod last?

Each pod is disposable and lasts an entire fold. The spread of the treatment also takes place 15 minutes after the start of drying.


How to understand which pod to match the type of hair?

For dry and frizzy hair, the recommended treatment is Supreme Glossy, anti-frizz formula; however, even the use of the Sublime Liss smoothing treatment guarantees a good result, with the extra of a shiner look.

The same goes for those who do not have frizz problems but still use the anti-frizz formula; in this case, it will improve the shine and hydration of the hair. However, the most suitable treatment for smoothing the hair is the Sublime Liss formula.


How long does the treatment effect last?

It depends on the type of hair, but in general, until the next hair wash.


Is the Hot Honey Care system universal for all hair dryers on the market?

No, it is a system designed specifically for Elchim hairdryers except for 2001, Milano, Dress Code, 3800 models.


Which Elchim models are suitable for Hot Honey Care system?

The system is engineered for the following Elchim’s models only : RUN, 3900, 3900 Light, 8thSense Sunset Copper, Xlite.

Therefore it does not fit at the moment other Elchim’s models like 2001, Dress Code, 3800, 3001, Urgano, VIP or other items not mentioned above.

Hot Honey Care in addition cannot be used on competitive dryers.


What is the difference between Hot Honey Care and traditional treatments such as restructuring sprays and masks?

    If not applied correctly, sprays and masks risk weighing down the hair, as it is challenging to distribute evenly on the strands.

    They also add time to styling operations, while with Hot Honey Care drying and treatment coincide.


    Can the same pod be reused for more than one treatment?

    The treatment will not be effective because each pod is single-use.


    How to use Hot Honey Care in the case of curls to be dried with a diffuser?

    Elchim hairstylists suggest passing a hairdryer with the Hot Honey Care system on wet hair and dabbing for at least 3-4 minutes (depending on the length) without using any brush, to allow the treatment to spread over the strands.

    Then, after pre-drying, the advice is to remove the Hot Honey Care concentrator and complete the drying with a hairdryer and diffuser.


    How effective are technologies such as negative ions, titanium, ceramic, tourmaline, active oxygen or "plasma" compared to the Hot Honey Care system?

    The technologies just mentioned are more or less consolidated in the last 20 years of technological development in this professional field, but often allow minimal transformations of the hair structure. Above all, the effectiveness is minimal compared to the Hot Honey Care system, which is a natural treatment tested and strengthened by the nutritional principles of honey.


    The Hot Honey Care concentrator is very hot during use: what to do?

    The Hot Honey Care concentrator, like all professional hairdryer concentrators, reaches very high temperatures and must not be touched during use. Once the hairdryer has been switched off, to remove the pod and the concentrator, it is advisable to wait a few minutes until the concentrator cools down.


    Why does Hot Honey Care reduce drying and styling times?

    First of all, drying, styling and treatment take place simultaneously.

    Also, thanks to Elchim's patented Hot Vortech technology, the flow of hot air, enriched with the active ingredients of the treatment, is concentrated in an incredibly skillful way, significantly reducing the drying time of the hair.


    Can Hot Honey Care also be used at home?

    Hot Honey Care is very easy to use, safe and usable without special instructions even at home. Indeed it is suitable for maintaining the "professional crease effect" even without going to the hairdresser.


    What benefits does Hot Honey Care bring to the fold?

      First of all, being a cosmetic treatment, Hot Honey Care transforms the hair. It also makes the hair much softer, facilitating the sliding of the thermal brush during the fold.


      What are the advantages of using Hot Honey Care in the salon?

        1) Hot Honey Care creates a WOW effect for the salon client.

        2) Ensures a much smoother glide in the heat brush during styling

        3) Thanks to Hot Vortech technology, the best concentration of air and temperature on the hair results in a net reduction in styling time.


        How can you maximize the result with the Hot Honey Care system?

        To maximize effectiveness, the Elchim stylistic team recommends washing the hair with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. Immediately after, dab the hair and proceed with a pre-drying at maximum speed and temperature, without brush but with Hot Honey Care concentrator and pod.

        After 3 minutes of pre-drying, always start styling with the Hot Honey Care system and use the brush that best suits your hair type and style.


        Can other treatments be added to the Hot Honey Care pod or pour other treatments directly into the concentrator tank?

          Oils or treatments must not be introduced into the tank. Likewise, the Hot Honey Care pods, once used, can no longer be soaked with other treatments. Furthermore, Hot Honey Care treatments are specifically designed and tested to be able to use the system safely at home and in the salon.


          What fragrance do Hot Honey Care treatments have? How long does the scent remain on the hair?

            These are delicate fragrances with tones that refer to honey. The scent remains on the hair but is deliberately not too accentuated. The residence time of the scent depends on the type of hair, humidity and air temperature and other external factors. However, remember that the benefit of using Hot Honey Care is not the fragrance but the transformation of the hair.


            Where is Hot Honey Care produced?

              Strictly in Italy, with Italian raw materials and a rigorous production process managed directly by Elchim.


              Why is there honey in the Hot Honey Care system?

                Honey and bee products in general, are powerful natural moisturizers for the hair and also perform an essential bactericidal function.


                How many times can the Hot Honey Care system be used?

                  As often as you want, so also for every drying. Hot Honey Care is a system that cares for hair and makes it shinier. It does not damage the hair and indeed allows a simple fold of well-being.


                  Can the Hot Honey Care system be used on children's hair or very fragile and delicate hair?

                    Hot Honey Care is a safe and tested system, usable for all hair.


                    Where can you buy Elchim Hot Honey Care and related pods?

                      Exclusively from Elchim's authorized professional distributors and on www.elchim.eu.


                      Can the Hot Honey Care cosmetic concentrator be used even without a pod?

                        The concentrator would lose its effectiveness to the treatment, and we, therefore, recommend using the standard nozzles supplied with the hairdryer, designed and calibrated to dry and style without Hot Honey Care pods.


                        After using Hot Honey Care, is there no need to use other cosmetic products for treatment?

                        Indeed. Hot Honey Care system replaces many finish and hair care products to be used after the hairdryer or straightener. It is an alternative to these, as a cosmetic treatment is already integrated into the drying system.


                        Can I use straighteners or curling irons after drying and styling with the Hot Honey Care system?

                          The Hot Honey Care Sublime Liss system, for example, is developed to be effective even without having to pass the straightener after the treatment. Certainly, the use of the plate after the treatment further strengthens the effect.

                          In the same way, to obtain a "Hollywood star" effect after the Supreme Glossy treatment, it is also possible to use an iron or a straightener to create great waves and curls.


                          When I use the Hot Honey Care system, do I have to apply heat protection products to the hair in combination with the hairdryer or immediately before using a straightener or curling iron?

                            Both Hot Honey Care treatments contain protective products, therefore, when using the Hot Honey Care system, it is not necessary to use additional heat protective agents.

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