The 7 hairstyles for curly hair you should try (quick and easy)

Do you dream of enhancing your curly hair? There is excellent news for you: hairstyles for curly and voluminous hair are many and are perfect for leaving the house in a few minutes.

We often tend to think that curly hair is "rebellious" and unmanageable. Well, that's not quite the case: there are many ways to take care of them and instantly make them more beautiful and tidy. Let's start with hairstyles: here you will find 7 different styles for your natural curls.

Best looks for naturally hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, now is the right time to enhance it! From long to short cuts, having voluminous hair is a blessing (and it doesn't mean you always have to straighten it with a straightener).

On the contrary, you can make your curls unique, fighting humidity and always keeping them tidy, experimenting with these comfortable and trendy hairstyles. Here are the 7 "red carpet" looks that you can quickly reproduce even in front of the mirror in your home.


#1 Curly Bob

Credits: Getty Images

Did you opt for the most popular helmet among the stars this year? You can't go wrong with a curly bob!

Making it is straightforward: define the waves of your hair, spreading the curls with your fingers. At this point, make a side parting and fix your styling for a soft and natural effect, like that of Viola Davis.


# 2 - Voluminous hedgehog

If you want to enhance your curls, you can do like Blake Lively. You can better define your curls and leave them completely natural, increasing the volumes a little. The wow effect is guaranteed. 

Credits: Getty Images


# 3 - Messy bun

On a rainy day? You can enhance your hair, protecting it from moisture, with a messy chignon. This Ciara hairstyle is perfect for embracing the imperfection of the crease and making it fascinating. Just gather your hair in a bun and leave a few strands down your face. For an even more chic effect, you can add a headband or headband.

Credits: Getty Images


# 4 - Voluminous ponytail

We continue with a super-fast, but very trendy crop: the ponytail. You can use a comb to pick up the strands and pull them back, before tying them with a rubber band or bow.

To make it even more fluffy, you can backcomb your hair a little, as Ella Mai did.

Credits: Getty Images


# 5 - Glamorous S-waves

This look is perfect for a memorable evening. If you are looking for a hairstyle for wavy hair that is at the same time very elegant, the solution is to imitate the look of Cate Blanchett.
Soft curls, arranged with a sideline, to frame the face: we are already in love with this so romantic outfit.


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 # 6 - Curly Pixie

Who says curly hair isn't perfect for short cuts too? Ursula Corbero proves it to us, with this EXTRAORDINARY pixie cut!
The Tokyo of "Money Heist" opted for a cluttered effect, deliberately messy, but very, very chic and elegant. 


Credits: Getty Images



# 7 - Top Knot

If you have a cascade of curls and you dream of keeping them loose, you can personalize your hair with a soft play of proportions. The "Orange is the new black" actress Dascha Polanco added a mini bun to the top of her head. Combined with the warm shades of her hair, the effect is truly remarkable.


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