How to straighten your hair: the techniques for a smooth hair (even without a straightener)

Everyone loves the perfect smooth. Yes, but how to make it happen? Knowing how to straighten your hair is one of the most coveted desires among women.

If you are thinking about how to have tidy, super smooth and bright hair, know that there are different solutions to use, even without the use of the straightener. Especially in cold and rainy seasons, it is essential to protect your hair from humidity, to avoid the puffy and messy hair effect.

Here are some tips for super smooth styling, even without a straightener.


How to have straight hair?

The advice to apply If you are planning a hairstyle for straight hair and want to go from wavy to "spaghetti" style, you can start with these small steps, which can give you great results. Let's get started right away!


The steps for a smooth fold

A smooth fold hides some little "secrets of the trade". If you want to get a natural smoothness, you can use the combination of the heat of the hairdryer + wide round brush. Ironing with a hairdryer involves these steps, which you can easily carry out at home in front of a mirror:

  • Once your hair has been washed and gently dabbed to remove excess water, it is time to untangle it to untie the knots.
  • After that, start drying them with the hairdryer. This is a preliminary drying, which also allows you to eliminate the extra water.
  • At this point, divide the head into sections and, with the help of some clippers, start straightening the hair.
  • Wrap the strands of damp hair around the brush and, starting from the root, direct the jet of hot air up to the ends to make hair smooth and very smooth in no time. 


Super smooth hair with the right tool

Choosing the right tools to straighten your hair is essential for achieving extraordinary results while preserving hair health. The ideal hairdryer is light and easy to handle, to guarantee you the right dexterity during the styling phase.

If you are looking for the perfect hairdryer to:
- Respect the natural beauty of your hair
- Get perfect styling in half the time.

Take a look at Elchim's 8th Sense line. This line was developed for all eight hair types, ideal for the most fragile hair, or those damaged by age or treatments and even for younger children.


The extra beauty ally: Hot Honey Care

If you want to know how to straighten your hair ... it doesn't end there. There is one more beauty secret that you should know.

Having thick, soft and shiny hair is every woman's dream. Often, several treatments are required to achieve perfect styling and flawless shine. What if you could get it all by only using your Elchim hair dryer?

From Elchim technology, Hot Honey Care was born, the innovative 3 in 1 system for drying, styling and treatment in a single pass. This revolutionary treatment transforms the hair during drying and makes it softer and shinier. Your hair will always be flawless: a real beauty ally, to obtain professional results directly in the comfort of your own home and without difficulty.

How does Hot Honey Care work? Simple!

By adding a special concentrator nozzle and Hot Honey Care pods to your Elchim hair dryer, you can carry out the treatment evenly over your entire hair. Thanks to innovative patented technology, the heat and airflow of the hairdryer activate the natural principles of honey for drying, styling and treatment in a single pass.

Currently, Hot Honey Care is available in two variants of pods, to satisfy every desire: Sublime Liss smoothing (for dull and dry hair) and Supreme Glossy (for frizzy hair), sold in three different kits.

You can purchase your Hot Honey Care kit on the website and in authorized stores.