How to get beach waves: 5 steps for fabulous hair

What do Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez have in common? Simple: unconditional love for beach waves!

Loved all over the world, beach waves diy are the perfect hairstyle for those who want to get a natural styling that recalls the movement of the sea.

Beach waves are good for everyone: they give a jauntier touch on the short cuts, a more romantic touch on the long ones. To get a beach waves look, five simple steps are enough: here are what they are and how to make a dream hairstyle.


Tutorial beach waves: 5 steps to follow

Making wavy hair and getting that “just out of bed” effect is easier than you can imagine. No matter what kind of hair you have, here are the basic steps to follow to get soft waves.

#1 – Brush your hair

The first is to detangle your hair. You can do it easily with the Elchim flat brush, suitable for all types if hair, including the finest. Created using sustainable and hypoallergenic materials, the Elchim flat brush doesn’t electrostatic charges from the hair and respects its natural beauty. Once the knots are removed, divide the hair into two large sections.

#2 – Divide each section into strands

Once the hair is divided into two sections, start splitting it into strands.  The larger the strands, the greater the amplitude of the waves. If you like the wide and delicate wave effect, use medium-large strands; if, on the contrary, you prefer the more defined effect, use small strands.  

At this point, take a strand and roll it from root to tip.

#3 – Pass the straightener over the strand

After you’ve rolled up your strand, it’s time for action.  Pass the straightener on the strand, taking care to start just below the root, until you reach the tips. You can realize this styling easily and quickly with our 8th Sense Styler. This professional Styler doesn’t stress the hair and can be adjusted to 11 temperatures settings (from 95°C to 235°C) to suit all hair types, from the strongest to the most delicate. It only takes a single pass to create perfect eaves, without damaging your hair.

#4 – Open the strands

After passing the styler over the rolled strand, open it gently with your hands. Continue over the whole head, starting at the bottom of your hair, until you reach the top. You can easily help yourself with clips to keep your hair separate.

#5 – Touch up your styling

When you’re done making your waves, pass your hands through your hair to define the styling. We advise you not to use a brush or a styler, to avoid that the wavy hair loose definition. If you wish, you can finish styling by fixing it with a little hairspray.

Now you’re ready to go down to the beach!