Design, features and a new color: this is the 8th Sense RUN Lily Rose Limited Edition

Do you dream of a powerful and fast hair dryer the combines functionality and design? The 8th Sense RUN Lily Rose Limited Edition is the most coveted hair dryer for every “glamour victim”.  

The 8th Sense line is the first to be designed to take care of all 8 types of hair, even the most fragile. Perfect for impeccable styling, Elchim’s 8th Sense RUN hair dryer combines technical performance with an irresistible new color: Lily Rose.  


What can you do with the 8th Sense RUN? 

The 8th Sense RUN hair dryer is ideal for creating any type of styling all eight hair types. Each hair has specific needs: the RUN is designed to embrace them all and create the perfect styling even on fragile and damaged hair.  

The electronic regulation of heat and air speed makes it perfect for all types of styling: you can easily create wavy and voluminous styling. 

Powerful, ultra-fast and ultra-light, the 8th Sense RUN reduces drying time by 50%, seals the cuticles of the hair and brings it back to its beauty. You can say goodbye to frizzy hair damages by too aggressive stylingall our hair dryers are designed to reduce excessive heat and guarantee uniform drying.  

Last but not least: the 8th Sense RUN is completely made in Italy and is the only one to have a “Professional” certificationAll company process are ISO9001 certified and products are manufactured according to the strictest quality and safety international standards. 


Why would you absolutely have your 8th Sense RUN? 

The 8th Sense RUN is a true object of desire. That’s what makes it unique:

  • Its versatility: 8th Sense RUN is suitable for all hair types. It can give an exceptional styling to fragile and damaged hair by dyeing and age 
  • Its exceptional durability: new Elchim BLDC motor is tested for over 5,000 hours of us 
  • Its powerthe hair dryer reduces drying time by 50% compared to a traditional blow dryer, even on thicker hair 
  • No carbon brushes: our hair dryer respect the environment and improvement for your hair  
  • Protection from excess heat: Ionic & Ceramic system preserves your hair and makes it healthy and shiny 
  • Its safetythe back laser-cut filter been designed to reduce hair penetration in the dryer. This extra protection allows you to extend the life of your hair dryer and drastically reduce the risk of motor problems.  


The new limited edition color 

The 8th Sense RUN isn’t just a hair dryer. We have designed and created with love in Italy a line of hair dryers functional and beautiful to look atYes, because even the eye wants its part: directly from Milan, of the world's most important fashion capitals, we have launched an irresistible new color.  

The new Lily Rose color adds a touch of glamour to your new Elchim hair dryer: it will be perfect for making your favourite styling and for an effect photo on Instagram. 

In addition, you can make your 8th Sense RUN even more unique with personalized writingYou can add your personal name a phrase or a special dedication: you have 18 characters at your disposal and two different fonts to choose from. 

The Lily Rose Limited Edition is perfect for combining a unique and impact design with exceptional performance: you can have a perfect styling using the same tools as famous hair stylist, without leaving the house.  


Now you can order your 8th Sense RUN Lily Rose Limited Edition on by clicking here.