Curly Hair tips from the Stars!

Back to volume and natural curl: super glamorous effect!

How do you achieve this elegant curl by yourself? Get the Look!

Do it yourself with the Elchim Dress Code Curling Iron! Easy to use, with three different diameters 19mm, 25mm and 32mm depends on what you want… a curl or soft wave style!

The Iron is a fast and intuitive tool to create soft waves and elegant curl thanks to ceramic and titanium oxide coating that preserves hair integrity and improves heat transfer.  



To get off to a good start you need a hair dryer and thermal brush professional. Make sure your hair is dry and brush it well so that there are no knots in your hair. Use the Mini Dress Code  hair dryer and the Thermal Brush  with diameter 30mm. The Mini Dress Code dryer is small but very powerful with two speeds. This hair dryer equipped with a professional concentrator and free mini diffuser inside. It has power of 1200 W (120-140V).

The Thermal Brush has a ceramic barrel and special bristles polish hair and seal the cuticle, making it easy to create fantastic volume and provide softness to hair.

Bring your Mini Dress Code hair dryer and Thermal Brush with you at all times; your dynamic duo for curls!




The Curling Iron Dress Code is warm in 17 seconds flat and it reaches the ideal temperature and keeps it constant. It is equipped with a temperature control system with LCD and has an automatic shut-off, if not in use turn off after 60 minutes.





Divide the hair into sections, using clips to split it. Select one section a time; trying to be as precise as possible.



Select the strand, wrap your hair around the iron trying not to overlap the strand using the Elchim Dress Code Curling Iron. Wait 5 to 10 seconds and fix them with a clip. Do the same with all sections.






Once all the sections are finished, wait for the hair to cool down so that the curl effect doesn’t fade. For a natural effect shake the hair upside down.

Bonus step! The Professional Dress Code Curling Iron is designed for keratin treatments, guarantees the natural absorption of all hair reconstruction products.

This is the result!

What are we waiting for?!