The lob and the shag: hair color regrowth can be managed at home!

We can already see that there are going to be lots of trendy cuts and styles in 2020. But no worry, this year’s hair will be very easy to style and manage.

Need to touch up your roots? Now you can do it from home; let’s see how!

Hair Cut:

One of the winners this year is the asymmetrical lob; adapt it to any look you have in mind, either wavy or smooth.

Bangs that open on the forehead and fall down to the sides can frame your face nicely.

A shag cut is a viable option for wavy hair, easy when scaled upwards and bit dishevelled for a contemporary look.

Even the bob can be irregular, inventing any look you want for from wavy, soft wavy or curly hair. Use the Elchim’s Natures Touch to create any hair that suits you.


Elchim’s Natures Touch is first of all a professional tool for professional hairstylists. For this reason it has been engineered to work even at the highest temperatures ant to be used with a great variety of heat settings.

Hair Color

It the coming months, bronde 2.0 will be the trend: it is a cold brown blond colour and in this case the tips are lightened to a natural effect.

Strawberry copper colour hair will also be very popular, a very full-bodied and loaded nuace. This nuance will be perfect on a very light complexion and under the sun’s rays will create a bronze effect.

Manage the hair regrowth at home? Here’s a natural remedy.

If you are unable to accept the hair regrowth, in this particular period of quarantine, you can resort to some natural remedies: lighten the roots to illuminate the detachment between the natural hair and coloured hair. Every other day you can apply an infusion to the hair: to make the latter you will need four sachets of chamomile tea to put inside a litre of water for about half an hour. Once ready just spray it on clean roots and then dry it all with the professional Elchim 8th Sense Run hair dryer. 

Professional hairstylists know how important a powerful, fast and lightweight hair dryer is that reduces drying time and seals the scales of the hair perfectly while preserving its health. 8th Sense Run hair dryer is equipped with an innovative, lightweight, brushless digital motor (BLCD TECHNOLOGY) with exceptional durability.