Balayage blonde: 5 hairstyles to enhance your hair

Balayage is one of the most in vogue hair trends for the Summer. Shown off by models and celebrities on the runways and social media, the blonde balayage hair is beloved for its enveloping strokes of light, which create an extraordinary dynamism on your hair.

But what exactly is balayage and where does balayage the fashion of lightening come from? To answer this question, we must take a dive into the 70s, alongside the cuissardes boots and the fashion of flowers, the first forms of balayage were born.

The technique, developed by some French colorist, consists of lightening your base, with a very soft and natural effect. There are no clear contrasts: on the contrary, they are real shots of light, which give the effect of “hair illuminated by the sun”.

Lighten up your hair: the best hairstyles to emphasize them

What balayage color should you get? If you love light, enveloping shades on your hair, as well as a color that requires very little maintenance, balayage for blonde’s hair is the ideal choice for you. Perfect on light and dark hair, this technique requires very little retouching at the hairdresser and always maintains its naturalness, without upsetting your image.

Here are the 5 hairstyles that enhance your new shades.

#1 - Messy bun

The uncombed chignon is a very simple hairstyle to create and absolutely trendy. It only takes a few minutes to show off a high temperature-proof hair, chic and at the same time jaunty.  With the messy bun, the effect of balayage is even more accentuated.

#2 – High ponytail

There is nothing better than a high ponytail, combined with a little volume, to emphasize the natural nuances of balayage. Super model Gigi Hadid this ponytail that leaves your face completely uncovered.

#3 – Unflattering side

The unflattering side by Riverdale star Lili Reinhart emphasizes the freshness and brightness of your face, with a deliberately messy effect that creates even more volume.

#4 - Bob

We love Karlies Kloss’ bob! This smooth bob, balayage for short hair, is very elegant and gives it a special look.

#5 – Plaints

The plaits greatly enhance the lightening of the balayage. From the classic side plaint to the fishtail plait, braided crops are the ideal solution to keep your hair in order and make it look even shinier.

Chiara Ferragni also opted for two simple free plaints in the middle of the head, combined with a slightly shaky crease.

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