Autumn is at the door? Here are the 2020 fall color trends to show off

When the long and hot summer days are being replaced by the first winds of autumn, the first thought of a hair lover is aimed at their hair.

2020 autumn color trends are certainly the most awaited moment post-summer vibes: the light and bright shades of summer are replaced by the more intense and decisive shades, typical of cooler climates. But what are the color trends we should look at this year and above all, which shade should we choose to enhance our image?

Get ready for a complete makeover: here are the 5-autumn winter 2020 hair color trends.


The 5-must-have hair colors for this autumn 

Whether you want to completely revolutionize your hair color or just give it a "refresh", we are sure that there is a shade in these trends that you will want to try for yourself. From warmer to colder tones, from dark to light shades, let's see together the hair fashion colors for Autumn 2020.


Intense Brown

You could already understand this by looking at the fashion catwalks: this autumn is time for ... brown! The trendiest dresses of the season have colors that recall the shades of the Earth: from sand to white, from dark green to golden yellow and the whole range of beiges. Why not show this trend on your hair too? Stars love deep, classic, and clean browns, like this one sported by Salma Hayek.

This color is extremely versatile and looks good on everyone. Surely the perfect shade to emphasize your hair is the one that best matches your undertone: choose a cold brown if you have a cold undertone and a lunar complexion; instead, opt for a warmer brown if you have warm undertones and an amber complexion.


Golden Black 

Another trend of the season is black with a golden undertone.

This color, perfect for brunettes with a dark complexion, adds a warm and bright touch to your look. Be careful, however, not to mix it with cold colors such as aubergine: the "super light" effect would risk being compromised. An example of this could be on actress Shay Mitchell.

Megan Markle also opted for a similar color. 


EXTRA TIP: You can enhance this brilliant color with a cascade of waves. If you want to keep some summer vibes even during autumn, you can opt for some beach waves, to be created quickly with our 8th Sense Styler, the digital straightener suitable for all hair types. With its 11 programs, from 95 ° C to 235 ° C, 8th Sense Styler covers every possible need, guaranteeing the right treatment for each type of hair: in this way, you will not have to pass the straightener several times and you will avoid stressing the fiber of the hair. 


Orange Red 

Red, as we know, always experiences a moment of glory during autumn. For this 2020, the red of choice is coppery or orange. Depending on the shade chosen, red can be good for both fair and darker complexions. For example, for those with a lunar complexion like Julianne Moore, this shade of red is perfect. 


Creamy Blonde 

Interesting news also for all blonde lovers: Creamy blonde is also “THE” color this autumn. It is a blond with very bright shades, a mix between platinum and a darker blond more suitable for the cold season. An example? Reese Witherspoon flaunts it divinely. 



We end with a trend that has already been explored in 2019 and is confirmed on the market also for 2020: bronde. As the name suggests, bronde is the perfect middle ground between blonde and brown, which gives a wonderful gradient effect. Bronde can turn more towards brown or more towards blond: the perfect shade for you is the one that most enhances your features and the color of your skin. The colder and more intense the color, the more suitable it will be for a cold undertone and vice versa. The extra advice? To enhance the bronde, opt for a bob or a layered cut, which emphasize the nuances. 

So... What is it going to be? Have you already chosen your hair color for this fall?